4 ways to be productive whilst working from home

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Many of us are at home due to Covid-19 and are working from home. Working from home can be difficult and challenging for some as you are in your personal space and not your usual professional office space. This can lead to procrastination or reduction in productivity. I have put together some four tips to help you be productive and efficient whilst working from home.

1. Get up and get ready for work

By getting ready and dressed for work you indicate to your mind that you are ready to get the day started and to work. This reduces the chances of you working from your bed or feeling too relaxed which often leads to lack of productivity.

2. Have a designated work space

It is important to have a space designated for you to work at, if possible somewhere that is not your room or relaxing place. Having a specific place that you work from signals to your brain that it is ‘work mode’. Try sitting at a desk space which is clean and clear as this will cause less distractions and allow you to work freely.

3. Get up and get ready for work

I like to have a checklist of things that I need to achieve by the end of the day. Having a checklist helps me to visualize my workload and progress that I make. From there I then allocate each task a time in which to get that specific task done. By doing this I am able to concentrate on one task at a time and achieve it by the ‘deadline’ I have set. I also take 5 -10min breaks in between each item on my checklist to allow my brain rest and be distracted for a little bit – I find that I am able to be more productive whilst completing each task  (this method was altered from the Pomodoro Technique)

4. Get upTurn off notifications

We all know how distracting notifications can be so turn off any you have on your computer and turn your phone on do not disturb (providing you don’t need them for your type of job). This will greatly improve your ability to focus as you will have less digital interruptions – we all know that most notifications can wait and are not urgent 

The above tips should help you stay productive whilst working from, remember that the key to being and staying productive is doing what works best for you – review your systems often and adjust accordingly



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